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Biodegradable Grinder Spice Crusher Two Layer 40mm 56mm 63mm

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【Premium Material】Made of degradable plastic the spices herbs  grinder chops everything you put inside and it can be easy to clean and dry quickly.
【Easy Shredding】The sharp blades of the grinder will chop herbs, spices, coarse salt, chili pepper and dried fruit without dissipating their particularities. This way you will always have the same level of quality.
【Lid Design】The lid ensures a strong seal and an airtight seal to keep the herbs stored inside fresh. It does not accidentally loosen, so there is no risk of spillage during transportation.
【Functional Grinder】Spices Herbs Grinder will help you shred and shred and store and separate pollen. It can contain up to 3 grams of grass and keep it cool and safe.
【No Waste】Becuase the material of the grinder is degradable plastic, it can enjoy lossless ground. The tightly mesh filter filters very fine pollen and can be collected with the included pollen scraper.

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